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  • Carrier Access
  • Expertise
  • Brokerage Development Platform
  • Experience

When it comes to your business and the clients you represent, you should never take any chances. KinG Brokerage, Kreider Insurance Group stands ready to help you focus on what you do best. From exceptional carrier access to world-class brokerage development platforms, we have the expertise and experience you should expect from your brokerage relationship.

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Carrier Access

Carrier Access

KinG Brokerage, Kreider Insurance Group has access to, and strong relationships with, more than 75 carriers within these areas:

  • Life
  • Annuity
  • Long-Term Care
  • Disability
  • Voluntary Benefits
  • Impaired Risk Underwriting
  • Special Needs Planning
  • Conservatively-designed Life Settlements
kreider Insurance Group



KinG Brokerage, Kreider Insurance Group works to understand financial professionals’ area(s) of expertise and offers experience in other segments which are not a primary focus. The business model focuses on conversations around how to best develop those areas outside of agents’ primary businesses.

kreider Insurance Group

Brokerage Development

Brokerage Development Platform

After 20 years in this business, Jason has come to understand that every financial professional and his/her practice have unique needs and concerns. By having an open dialogue of what these needs and concerns are, KinG Brokerage, Kreider Insurance Group has developed different platforms that address and solve these needs with transparent and proven solutions.


KinG Brokerage, Kreider Insurance Group can be your:


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Rely on KinG Brokerage, Kreider Insurance Group’s combined 30 years of experience in the insurance brokerage sector to help grow and enhance your current business. Jason understands and has a great deal of experience in the industry as a financial professional as well, so he appreciates the needs of each of the agents he works with.

Additional Information About Us

  • Pennsylvania life insurance settlement broker (#815035)
  • Pennsylvania resident agency licensed (Kreider Financial Management, LLC) (761713)
  • Pennsylvania resident licensed in accident and health, life and fixed annuities (#446562)
  • Virginia nonresident licensed in life and fixed annuity (#837894)
  • Maryland nonresident licensed in life and fixed annuity (#2123587)
  • New Hampshire nonresident licensed in life and fixed annuity (#2406963)
  • North Carolina nonresident licensed in life (#8666512)
  • Nevada nonresident licensed in life and health (#3536878)
  • California nonresident licensed in life (#0159216)

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