KinG Brokerage, Kreider Insurance Group can gladly complement your primary partner as a solid 2nd!

Jason loves working with captive and dedicated professionals who already have a primary commitment to one carrier but need help addressing the overall needs for their clients when their primary relationship is unable to meet the needs of that client. In order to avoid the customers seeking an alternate route, KinG Brokerage, Kreider Insurance Group provides resources and product exposure for the professionals who need them in order to compete, preserve and grow within existing and new clientele. Jason has had tremendous success in providing impaired-risk underwriting within the brokerage marketplace.

For example, a captive life producer sold a long-time existing client a policy that is due to expire. His conversion or ART rates have out-priced their client’s premium tolerance and the client’s health has unfortunately gotten worse over the last 10 years. More times than not, we can provide several options for this client for you by leverage our underwriting relationships with more than 75 carriers. By isolating the client’s actual impairment, we can tentatively assess the best option for that client before even applying with a formal application. This process saves the back-and-forth, while preserving the relationship with the client.